“Working with Oli this year has been a hugely beneficial partnership and had lead me to achieve all my main goals this year with no exceptions. Oli Has a wealth of knowledge and has become a very good friend of mine.”

Ewan Mackie

Junior Road Cyclist, Aspiring Professional

“Coaching has provided quality structured sessions in the limited time available getting my endurance fitness to a level I wouldn’t have reached without it. I now have the confidence to complete this monster ride.”

Note from the coach: “Martin went on to complete the ultra endurance event, Paris-Breast-Paris. I really enjoyed working with Martin towards this huge achievement and was very pleased to see him complete it.”

Martin Perry

Senior Ultra Endurance Cyclist, Amateur

“Oli has been coaching me for the past 3 months and the improvements have generally shocked me, Super impressed. 
The coaching is very flexible and Oli adapts to your individual needs, also he generally takes a real interest in how you feel the training is going,
If you are looking at improving your cycling performance, I would highly recommend giving oli a try, looking forward to training with him for the foreseeable future.”

Matthew Lebelinski

Senior Road Cyclist, Amateur

“I’d been training myself for a while and saw improvements, so wanted to take it to the next level and make sure my sessions were planned so i didnt burn out.

Having a young family and working full time, I was unsure if having a coach was for me, and it would be flexible enough.

Oli has now been coaching me for over 6 months, and I feel much better, the sessions are excellent. I can really see the structure, rather than me previously doing random session which i though were right!

The training sessions are great, matched by the enthusiasm and support from Oli for the sessions and the races.

Key for me is the flexibility to fit around family ad work – Oli is excellent with this, and will work around your schedule!

Already looking forward to 2020 and new targets inmultiple racing disciplines.”

Tim Draycott

Senior Road Cyclist, Amateur

“Oli has a fantastic knowledge and was able to tailor my training plan around a busy work schedule. I quickly saw an improvement in my riding and started achieving the targets we both set out to achieve at the start of the plan. 5 star service all round.”

Henrik Marshall-Sims

Senior Road Cyclist, Recreational

“Very knowledgeable and passionate and constantly there giving advice. If you want to improve all aspects of your cycling get in touch with Oli.”

Luke Frixou

Senior Road Cyclist, Recreational