Announcement of Cycling Performance Coaching

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Blog, Blog Posts | 0 comments

Its official.

After my first two years of studies and coaching a few riders on a lower level, i’m finally going full in and setting up properly.

I’ve been wanting to set up a coaching business for years, since before I started studying Cycling Performance. However, now equipped with the valuable knowledge I learned at University on the only Cycling Performance course in the world, I am now ready to publicly advertise myself as a coach.

I’ve been working with a few riders, who have all given me positive feedback in my coaching methods and who are all improving their general fitness and riding in association to their pre-discussed goals.

With experience racing abroad, I also wish to aid others with the knowledge I didn’t have when I was thrown in at the deep end, to help people fulfill their goals, reach their potential and set them up for success.

This applies to all levels of riding, whether you’re a recreational cyclist who wishes to improve their level around limited time to train, I can offer you structured plans with a focussed outcome. Alternatively if you’re a racing cyclist and crave that next podium, I can help you turn those long days in the saddle into valuable sessions you know your opponents lack, giving you the edge.

If you’re interested in changing the way you ride, adding structure to your workouts and making sure every ride has purpose, making the most of your available time to train, then call me on 07922659686, email me at or drop me a message here on Facebook and we can discuss your needs. You can also head over to the ‘Services’ tab on the left hand side to view an outline of what I can offer.

Don’t leave it any longer… Take action now. It’s the only way you will reach your ultimate goal.